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Dermalogica AGE Smart Antioxidant Hydramist (150ml)

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Feel Beautiful recommends...

"Antioxidant Hydramist is one of our popular Dermalogica toners for pre maturely aging skin. It moisturises and comforts dry skin, leaving it soft and fresh. It smells of calming flowers and has a refreshing after spray feel that is not tacky or greasy. Many of our customers spritz on after lunch or at the end of the day to freshen up. Skin feels soft, radiant and hydrated. Perfect if you work in an air-conditioned office all day or need a quick pick me up! Use Antioxidant Hydramist to rejuvenate and freshen your skin all day!" 

Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist is a toner that firms and hydrates skin. It easily sprays onto the skin and creates a layer that protects skin against damage from the environment. Antioxidant Hydramist is great for pre maturely aging skin types.

It contains aloe vera and flower extracts that lightly hydrates skin to reduce fine lines and dryness. The antioxidant formula helps to prevent early signs of aging. Use daily to tone, firm and refresh skin.

Ingredients that help your skin

  • Pea extract helps firm the skin
  • Aloe vera calms redness
  • Flower extracts refreshes and comforts skin

We recommend it for

  • Pre maturely aging skin
  • Protecting skin from environmental damage
  • Light hydration

How To Use

  • After cleansing spray over face
  • Follow with suitable moisturizer and sunblock
  • Mist on the skin throughout the day to refresh tiredness